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PDO, PCL, and PLLA Threads, How Do you Choose the Best Choice?

Mar. 09, 2021

PDO is a lifting thread widely used by medical doctors. PDO Thread can be completely absorbed and decomposed in the human body. After 2 to 3 months, threads began to degrade significantly and showed a trend of continuous acceleration. 4 to 6 months later, most of the PDO threads have been absorbed.

PDO Thread

The absorption speed of the PDO thread varies with the thickness of the thread, the implantation area, postoperative care, and individual differences in patients. In general, PDO threads can be completely absorbed within 1 year.

PDO thread is a very safe implant material.

PCL thread has good biocompatibility, bioabsorbability and degradability, and is widely used in various fields. PCL thread has a slow absorption speed. The effect lasts about 1-2 years.

The texture of PCL material is soft, after PCL threads are implanted in the human body, there is almost no foreign body sensation.

Threads soft also means the tensile strength is slightly lower than that of PDO and PLLA threads.

PLLA has good biodegradability, is completely absorbed in the body, and finally generates carbon dioxide and water.

The decomposition time of the PLLA thread is much slower than that of the PDO thread, up to 2-4 years, and a more durable lifting effect can be obtained. Since the absorption rate of the PLLA thread in the human body is very slow, it can stay in the human body for a longer time, so it will stimulate the human body to produce more collagen, which has a certain filling effect.

It is worth noting that slow degradation is not always an advantage. In case of postoperative infection, the recovery period will be longer. Uncontrollable hyperplasia may cause uneven skin surface, which can bring adverse effects to patients.

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