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  • Micro Needle Therapy System Dr Pen Needles

Micro Needle Therapy System Dr Pen Needles

Product Description

Product Specifications / Features

1 pin: tattoo, eyeliner and eyebrow

3 pin, 5 pin, 7 pin: tattoo and eyebrow

9 pin: repair Mole pit; remove acne; eliminate stretch marks, wrinkles

12 pin: repair acne pox pit; remove acne; eliminate stretch marks, wrinkles

36 needle: whitening; Hydration; spot removing; skin rejuvenation; shrink pores

42 needle: spot removing; repair acne pox pit; skin rejuvenation; shrink pores

Nano needle: painless nutrition importing; whitening skin; spot removing; skin rejuvenation; eyelash and eyebrow grow

Nano silicone: painless operation; import nutrients; pit repair; lightening skin color; restore skin activity; eyelash and eyebrow grow.

Different Size for Different Treatment

0.25mm: Boosts application of products applied to skin; Anti-Aging

0.3mm: Improve skin complex, reduce fine lines, lighten pigmentation, shrink pores

0.5mm: Reducing Face Wrinkles, Anti-Aging, Acne Scar Removal

1.0 mm: Treating Cellulite, Removing Stretch Marks, Treating Deep Wrinkles, Skin Pigmentation

1.5 mm-3.0mm: Burn Scars, Surgery Scars, Treating Back Acne Scars, Deep Scars (Stomach, Thighs, Legs, Breasts), Hair Loss treatment.


1. Minimal risks

2. Cost Effective

3. Short healing period

4. No permanent skin damage

5. No increase in sun sensitivity

6. Performed under topical anaesthesia, painless

7. All skin types can be treated

8. Thin or pre-lasered skin can be treated

9. Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting results

10. Enhanced penetration of applied products