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Product Description

Product Description

What is Microcannula?

VIANFILL Microcannula is made of the same stainless steel as regular sharp needles, polished with a specific industrial process.

The end of the microcannula is blunt with a small lateral port allowing for the product to be dispensed into the skin.

The length/thickness ratio of the stainless tube is of utmost importance to guarantee the best flexibility and resistance of the needles.


Why choose Microcannula?

Thanks to its Blunt tip (Not sharp) and its flexibility, doctors literally slide the VIANFILL Microcannula under the patient's skin so that the filler can be applied with practically no pain or bruising (hematomas) for the patient.

Blunt, Flexible, VIANFILL microcannula does not cut through blood vessels & nerves, making it safer & more comfortable for the patient. It is a revolutionizing way doctors are performing facial Filler Injections!



In Aesthetic Medicine, a blunt-tip microcannula is a small tube, with an edge that is not sharp, designed for atraumatic intradermal injections of fluids. Depending on the size of the inner diameter, it can be used either for fat transfer or for the injection of fillers, like Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, poly-L-lactic acid, CaHA, etc.





Much safer than using a classical sharp needle because microcannula does not cut through vessels and tissues but rather navigates smoothly through the dermis and Sub-Q layer.

The blunt end and flexibility of the microcannula allow for a virtually painless and non-traumatic procedure.

Through the fanning technique and thanks to the length of the microcannula, very few entry points are needed in order to cover the entire face.